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RD Fuller Company gives clients control of their past resident debt portfolios with comprehensive performance strategies, industry-leading compliance practices, and the most advanced analytics available.

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RD Fuller Company was founded in Denver, CO in 2010 with the vision of becoming the most trusted source for collections expertise, strategy, and performance in the Multifamily industry. From the beginning, President Drew Masten recognized that Multifamily housing providers were not realizing the full potential of their past resident debt portfolios, and he set out to provide the industry with the same kind of Accounts Receivable Management (ARM) strategy financial institutions have leveraged to service their defaulted receivables for decades. Clients needed more transparency and servicer accountability, and Drew’s goal was to help owner and managers of Multifamily Housing assets by providing performance management, advanced analytics, and customized reporting while also keeping clients on top of trends and legal changes in the collections AND multifamily industries.

Starting in our home state of Colorado, RD Fuller grew organically and now services Apartment Communities across the entire United States. The addition of partners Mark Tschetter and Victor Sulzer in 2012 provided additional executive leadership and allowed clients much broader access to legal strategies, working upstream during the eviction process to maximize recoveries later on. Mark and Vic have managed Colorado’s #1 landlord/tenant law firm for more than two decades, and their firm is recognized as one of the most experienced in Fair Housing matters in the country.

In 2013, RD Fuller came together with TRAKAmerica to build a new national platform for the Multifamily industry. TRAK had already been providing Accounts Receivable Management services to their clients in other asset classes and brought a wealth of experience and expertise in building debt management strategies. They were the perfect partner to help RD Fuller expand their platform, adding efficiency and improving performance for our clients through the use of through sophisticated analytics and well defined process management routines. After years of working closely with TRAK’s team to optimize workflows and methodologies, we have built the most sophisticated ARM offering in the Multifamily industry.

What is Accounts Receivable Management? An ARM approach means bringing together a network of collection agencies and law firms to service your debt, rather than a single-source solution. We leave the collections work to our network and instead focus on giving clients more control over bad debt portfolios, with comprehensive performance strategies, industry-leading compliance practices, and the most advanced analytics available.

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