Debt Management Solutions

RD Fuller is the largest national recovery network offering dynamic debt recovery strategies for the Multifamily industry.

The RDF Advantage

A National Solution…

Collection Agencies

Our multi-agency model utilizes competition and multiple treatment strategies.

Law Firms

Our legal network covers all 50 states, which means we can pursue legal remedies anywhere in the US.

Risk Management

We hold our National Network to industry-exceeding compliance standards to best protect our clients.

Dedicated to Multifamily

RD Fuller is the first and only Accounts Receivable Management solution built specifically for Multifamily housing providers. We offer the same comprehensive strategies financial institutions have used for decades to maximize recoveries, but in a program specifically catered to the unique realities of the Multifamily industry.

A Unique Servicing Strategy

With RD Fuller clients have access to the most comprehensive debt servicing strategies available to the Multifamiy industry, including agency competition models, a nationwide legal program, dedicated client services team, and targeted collection strategies tailored to your portfolio.


Competition and multi-faceted strategies ensure our clients top recovery rates.

Best-In-Class Network

We offer clients access to the most sophisticated Collections Network in the US.

National Coverage

Our National Network includes five agencies and 40 law firms, covering all 50 states.

Analytically-Driven Solutions

Our data-driven approach maximizes collections throughout all phases of the post-delinquency collection process.

Industry-Exceeding Compliance

Agencies and law firms are held to the highest compliance standards in the industry, protecting clients from potential risks before they arise.

End-To-End Management

RDF manages your debt portfolio for the full lifecycle of each account, freeing up clients’ internal resources.

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